Scientific co-creation

A better life through innovative surgical technology

From execution excellence to innovation

At Surgeonious® we aim for “excellence & beyond” as we cater to the needs of the surgeons of the future. By continuing the dialogue with surgeons even after a purchase and by openly sharing this knowledge and user experience, we arrive at new ideas – thereby harnessing “the collective genius” at our disposal.

We offer surgeons the opportunity to share their clinical experiences with our products worldwide in the form of letters, Safety & Feasibility Studies, etc. The experiences gained in the field allow us as a company to keep learning and innovating.

Below you will find a sample of white papers on our products

Circular Stapler

Comparison ILS vs Panther Healthcare®

Gastroentorostomy experiences Bariatrie AZ St-Jan Brugge

P3H reloads

Lung transplantation experiences Thoraxheelkunde UZ Leuven

Endo Linear Cutter Stapler

Safe use in RYGB patients

Smart powered stapler

Launch article on BariatricNews

Needle VATS

Launch article Needle Vats

Quality care

Since the MDR (MDR – 2017/745) came into effect on 26 May 2021, post-market surveillance (PMS) and clinical evidence data have played an essential safety and performance role for our manufacturers in the maintenance and recertification of medical device certificates. In order to meet the medical needs of patients, it is also vital to monitor the quality and safety of medical devices over their entire lifecycle. Surgeonious® goes the extra mile following sales and supports its manufacturers through the collection of this clinical evidence data.

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