Minimal invasive surgery

As a surgeon, you are well aware that endoscopy serves purposes beyond diagnosis. It is increasingly employed in therapeutic procedures in gastroenterology, gynecology, pulmonary medicine and ENT. This approach reduces stress for patients, leading to quicker recovery and improved cosmetic outcomes.

It’s all about results

As a surgeon, you are well aware that endoscopy serves purposes beyond diagnosis. Our experience and close collaborations with our manufacturers allow us to offer a range of instruments fully adapted to your requirements or even custom-made.

We offer the following solutions within your field:

  • Laparoscopy: LAL-TS, HPB, SILS, MICTEC,…
  • Thoracoscopy: RATS, Needle VATS, Micro thoracoscopy, Microlobectomy, VATS instruments…
  • Cardiosurgery: High-end MICS instruments, Hearing aids

What the experts say

Mrs. Annette Dufner
CEO Dufner
Business partners since 1990. A strong cooperation, loyalty, sharing of knowhow, successful development between Patella and Dufner Instrumente GmbH is the result of years great full relationship.
Dr. Sokolow Youri, Directeur de la Clinique Chirurgical de Transplantation Pulmonaire, Service de Chirurgie Thoracique
Hôpital Académique Erasme
The instruments that change everything in VATS lobectomy. Ergonomic, resistant and very precise.

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